Let’s talk about animals, not about huge, monstrously mad, fantastical creatures that live in some unknown universe, but about the animals of Takayo Akiyama; animals that are cute, funny, mad and wild. More importantly, animals that are alive in this world in a way we have never experienced before.

Your connection to these beasts, small or large, is immediate. You know them, you recognise them, and you are already engaged in their stories to a certain extent. With help from Takayo’s incredibly detailed and rich style, you can feel as if you are there sharing in every experience.

The Japanese illustrator is able to transport you on journeys that vary from the ordinary to the utterly extraordinary, from an owl flying over a Crystal Mountain, to a city which unifies London and Tokyo.

Perhaps you didn’t know of a place in this world where cats and dogs kickstarted a company and produced a brilliant product able to satisfy the needs of both species?
Or you can follow the trials and tribulations of a red haired boy and a fox while they explore the forest for a year.

If you really want, you’ll be able to meet depressed dogs, pondering penguins, frenzied foxes, and scurrying squirrels. You’ll be surprised by their expressions and their capability to communicate with you through Takayo’s drawings.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet all these curious critters, and many more, as we discuss the funny and fascinating lives these animals lead within the displayed artwork to great depths.


Hosted By DigitasLBi
June 10th – July 10th 2015