#NoFaceLikePhone presents social commentary on our devotion to our phones delivered through PINS’ unique visual language. The British artist both entertains and highlights the real issue of nomophobia (the fear of not having your phone) through his characteristic use of consumerist iconography, vivid colour, humour and wordplay, whilst questioning how real our social experiences and connections are when our attention is so divided.

Multi-disciplinary artist PINS was inspired following an experience with a friend who rapidly and relentlessly posted photos on social media throughout dinner. It is his belief that most people today will be able to identify with this experience.

Alongside the lighter, humorous commentary, PINS hopes the show examines some of the more serious underlying issues of mobile phone addiction. Studies have suggested that mobile phone dependency and addiction to social media sites can cause panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and body image complexities.

With the aim to open up a much needed dialogue about these issues, #NoFaceLikePhone hopes to raise the question: “Do our mobile phones really offer progress, or are they in fact ‘pro-stress’?”


Hosted By DigitasLBi
8th Dec – 22nd Jan 2016