We all are, whether we are brave enough to about it or not, in a perpetual state of waiting for something to happen or not; for someone to stay, to go, to come.

We are all Waiting People.

We wait for the bus; we wait for a phone call; and we wait for our beer to be poured. We wait not just with lightness but also in more seriousness circumstances. We wait until we are ‘ready’ to apply for that promotion, or buy a house, or for our dreams to become reality. She waits for him, he for her, her for her, they for them…We are Waiting People waiting for our future.

In an optimistic twist to Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”, Luis has developed her own Waiting People. The concept started in simple sketches but has grown into the artist’s obsession. While the characters retain the element of simplicity, the artist now breeds Waiting People. It is a simple yet powerful view of people and situations which is etched in Luis’s core. She no longer can see people and situations as anything other than variations of Waiting.

Luis uses minimal bold lines and bright colours on canvas to bring to life each Waiting Person. They appear identical until you look deeper. Some possess a heaviness in their predicament and you wonder for how long they have waited; whether the wait has been worth the weight they bear.

Slowly, you recognise your own image in one of these unique faces. Which in turn breeds a discomfort when you next blink and find Luis’s Waiting People lined up and staring at you expectantly. Your inspection of them has melted into your own introspection. The Waiting People deflect the question and hold up to you a mirror. To you they ask, “What are you waiting for?” There is no longer a question but instead an incentive, a motivation.

We are all Waiting People and Luis forces us to acknowledge this. Through the process of inspection, reflection and introspection we realise that we are ready to act and reach out for that which we once waited for. But then do we simply start waiting for something else?

Luis is a Neapolitan artist based in London. She has exhibited in several galleries both in Italy and UK.


Hosted By DigitasLBi
Nov 4th – 27th 2015